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Submit Your Instagram @account

14&15 Mobile Photographers is the first web community dedicated exclusively to social media photographers and to their work. Our mission is to highlight the most talented Instagram authors.

You are invited to submit your Instagram @account to join our editors selection.

Our editors will select the accounts that most meet our criteria and guidelines and will publish a selection of 10 pictures in this website.

Before submitting, please read carefully all the following rules.

General Rules

1) Each author who submits his/her Instagram @account to and to the judgment of our editors explicitly declares to be the legitimate owner and assumes all responsibilities with regard to the subjects and contents that are part of their Instagram account.

2) Each author who submits his/her Instagram @account to declares to be the sole holder of the full rights of publication of the pictures published in his/her Instagram @account and submitted to for a gallry publication.

3) Each author who submits his/her Instagram @account to declares to be the sole and sole owner of the submitted Instagram @account or to have received express authorization from the other members of the submitted account, if it is shared by several owners and / or administrators.

4) If you are not registered yet to this website, you are required to sign up as a new member, before submitting your Instagram account.

5) After registerting as a new member you will be contacted by our team only if your Instagram @account is among those selected by our editors' jury. The judgement of our editors is unquestionable.

6) If your submission will be approved, our editors will select straight from your Instagram @account around 10 pictures for  the publication.

7) Participation is free and automatically implies acceptance of the rules set out here.

Submit Your Instagram @account

If you believe you have a valuable Instagram account, please fill out the form below. Our editors will evaluate all the submitted proposals and will select only the most significant ones.

Advices From Our Editors

We are looking for Instagram @accounts that have a clear and consistent photographic style. All submitted @accounts that contain various photographic styles and topycs with the most disparate visual approcaches will not be taken into consideration. We will take into consideration only those @accounts that clearly show the persistent character of the artist, a technical research, a coherent stylistic and visual approach and some new interesting ideas behind.

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