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Time's Integrity | Caroline de Bertodano

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Instagram: @c__de__b

Whether travelling or on home ground, the 6th instinct to sense humans,  the world around and the light caressing both at any hour day or night.  Sorrow and joy walk hand in hand, without sorrow there is no room for joy.

The world can be a magical place and its integrity can be found in every corner with every human carrying their stories within them expressed in their eyes and their body language. 

“Our world is not a flat shiny place, it is filled with depth, as are we humans and sensory texture envelopes us constantly.”

Square format and hipstamatic are reminiscent to me of Hasselblad & film but the iPhone indulges creativity and agility of instinct. 

When all these things come together in a split second, it creates an instinctive harmony and an integrity of time.”

“Subtilty may deceive you, integrity never will”

(Oliver Goldsmith)

Pictures and Text © Caroline de Bertodano / UK

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