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The Early Years | Gwen Coyne

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Instagram: @gwencoyne

I have photographed memoirs from my daughter's childhood for nearly six years. I'm more interested in collecting snippets evocative of her, rather than documenting specifics.

I hope that over time this series of short stories will form a more comprehensive portrait of her early years, leaving room for her imagination and memory to fill in the gaps.

“I have shot and edited this series exclusively on my iPhone.”

The phone is convenient and allows for a less invasive, more immediate response to what’s going on around me.

I also see shooting on mobile as being part of something bigger. Mobile photography has reshaped what information is readily accessible, thereby more profoundly impacting how people perceive the world. In sharing glimpses of this tiny person's life, I feel that I'm contributing to a broader, collective story.

Pictures and Text © Gwen Coyne / USA

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