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Nobody | Claudio Turri

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Instagram: @claudyo63

When did you approach photography for the first time and why?

I approached photography seriously around 2009.

I was fascinated by the idea of being able to transform places and situations into memories through the filter of emotions,

simply with my way of looking.

Where comes from the inspiration for this work “Nobody"and what is the concept behind it?

As it always happens, the idea of Nobody was born “in itinere”, almost by chance, starting from the feeling of alienation and depersonalization of the contemporary individual. The concept is that many “nobodies” inhabit us, each one is unrecognizable, we are dark silhouettes of actors, lost souls. Life is the meaning it should have all this obscure movement.

What is your photographic approach to your subjects? Do you know them already or do you meet them straight when you have to take the pictures?

I almost never know my subjects, places or people, yet when I have the urge to photograph them,

I realize that they were already part of my world,

so maybe they are sometimes alike. Even familiar places become interesting to me only when I can look at them differently.

Do you shoot mobile photography?

Yes, I almost always shoot on the move, and I mainly use iPhone and a compact fixed-focal camera, which I consider a particularly functional tool for street photography. 

What do you think are the main vantages using a smartphone as a camera?

The smartphone is so small and handy that you can always bring it with you, and when you use it, it doesn't attract the attention of the people you meet, so, if you shoot on the street,

the scene around you is almost never conditioned by your presence.

Why did you decide to use Instagram? What are the main vantages you personally get out of it?

At first, I chose Instagram

to share my daily photographic journeys in great simplicity,

trying to avoid personal images. Instagram has over time become a resource to get in touch with extremely interesting and stimulating international photographic realities.

Do you think that the spread of Instagram and mobile photography is changing the way we take pictures?

The spread of Istagram brings more and more people closer to the idea of telling and telling about themselves using images instead of words.

But I don't think it's changing the way we do real photography. Instagram simply leaves everyone the freedom to use the photographic medium according to their communicative style.

Pictures © Claudio Turri / Italy

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