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Milan Out Of Sight | Gianfulgenzio

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Instagram: @gianfulgenzio

When I was born, Milan was a gray industrial city.

As I was growing up I saw this city changing, the old factories have given way to advertising agencies and marketing, television and fashion industry.

“Do you know a television studio or a photo-shooting set?”

Everything is designed to be perfect from the camera point of view, the furnitures, the sets, the lights. But as soon as we move away from this ideal point, we realize that things lose their 3D dimension, like those written on the football field: the objects are together apparently, everything is built to give the idea of ​​something that is not.

I am looking for that part of Milan that we notice not so often, the angles in the shade, the signs on the walls, the rowest places of the city, but more authentic.

Where nothing has been placed to offer just a single point of view. I play as to create new ideals of sets to oppose against the imaginary of Milan's most glamorous. Somebody say that "an image rather than be hunted, is collected" and this definition I like most of all. I photograph mostly objects, books, lights, details, small daily stories that I meet along the street.

Pictures and Text © Gianfulgenzio / Italy

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