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Inconsistency | Eliza Badoiu

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Instagram: @elizabadoiu

When and why did you start taking pictures?

It was back to my teenage years that I first got attracted by the idea of shooting , visualizing through the lens of a camera , but once I embarked on my humanistic studies approach of attending university I left this passion behind.

It was then, by 2013 , once acquiring a new mobile device, that I re oriented myself to operating from a very mobile perspective.

What do you want to show or tell with your images? Is it a specific work on yourself?

All my frames are self shots portraits, so they definitely can talk about inner emotion or certain moods I experience at a very moment in time. I deal mostly with blurry images In a monochromatic sense and I am always attracted by the abstraction and playing with distortions while dealing with artsy digital self portraits, re inventing the idea of a ‘selfie’ to the level of an artistic expression of inner feminine sensations.

Do you use any particular photo retouching for your images and why?

From 2015 I started working entirely on IOS system and so I use a lots of their editing apps. I mostly retouch by enhancing some of the images aspects in apps such as Snapseed , PicsArt, Mextures, Stackables, LightRoom PS , Hipstamatic and iColorama. 

Why do you use Instagram? What are the advantages you get?

I use both IG and FB to promote and post my artworks and the major advantage I can get is exposure.

I think this is the simplest way to show and share with a large mass of people your visual endeavors.

I got lots of collaboration requests and been featured in online publications dedicated to photography due to IG benefits of the immediate feedback I receive. 

Do you use a smartphone to take pictures?

Mobile phone only ! 

What do you think are the main advantages of using a smartphone as a camera?

Well, technology has certainly evolved and it still is evolving at a fast speed, where mobile cameras can easily replace the DSRL specifications once very professional and non substituting. Some of the mobiles both on Android and IOS systems are very updated and equal the proficiency and the ability once only the camera could supply. Then it’s very handy and it is called modern times and evolution. This is precisely what happen when the DSRL was invading over the analog photography and we all survived. There is a place where each and every can fit in accordance to our their own desires and needs.

For me it all comes down to the mobile phone photography / iPhoneography.

Pictures © Eliza Badoiu / Romania

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