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Gracias Fidel | Ersen Sariozkan

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Instagram: @ersen_sariozkan

Cuba is a country with a fixed and ageless face. Like a scene rolling on a loop whose actors are parading and offering me a show that I strive to understand.

Striding along the streets, I immerse myself in the atmosphere. The colours intoxicate me, the laughters fascinate me and the light pierces me. Mingling with the crowd, staring at the fleeting gleams, I freeze the atmospheres which seem to me to transcribe at best the effervescence reigning overthere.

“I do not intend to theorize but to share as faithfully as possible the beauty of a country that I keep rediscovering”

Through the forms, the tones and the contrasts, this decor is unfolding in front of me like a film in which I only have to select the small moments of eternity which seem to me to express at best all the things that made me shiver for only a fraction of a second.

Everything is stirring”

Story shot in Cuba

Pictures and Text © Ersen Sariozkan / Belgium

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