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Eternal Faces | Imed Kolli

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Instagram: @imedkolli_official

By the time I was 16, my real eduction came from observing what is happening

around me and observing that richness don’t comes without struggle, and I was

looking for a way to translate what I was seeing through my eyes and

photography became my voice in this very big confusing world.

I started to realize that photography has the power to change prescriptive on life and surprise people with something they don’t usually see and sometimes they don’t have any idea existed, and it began to push my life in such dramatic direction towards telling the larger story of what it means to be a human, so I bought my first camera , and that was the beginning.

I think my own sense of humanity is what drives me out of to the street.

What I do is photograph emotion, but what interest me most is developing a personal relationship. I often tell people that in a strange kind of way I fall in love with the people I meet and I feel that they sensitize my own pain.

I’m photographing the initial moment when I lay eyes on that person and all the way is taking me to the building of a relationship with the individual to get back to that starting point.

The deep person of connections I make, with the people I’m meeting, I have lasting impression on me. I use black and white, light and shadow when I meet a physical way to enforce emotions, faith, empathy, spirituality, hope even. I felt like I know them through their spontaneity that clarified their state of mind.

My inspiration came from the people who have experienced the bitterness and roughness of this world. Injured people, homeless people, beggars and poor underprivileged people that I met coincidently during my journeys in my life are the models in my photography which portrays my compassion and empathy to the world.

Today I’m considering photography as my life and my career, and I’m always looking to improve trying constantly overcome myself to be a better photographer and that’s why I choose Instagram to be the best partner for sharing my purposes because it got the most powerful method to help me not only upload my pictures, but to get critics with accurately portrays my desires by letting my passion rubs off and reinforce me to be always ready for the next story in order to grow to the next level and to stay one step ahead of my competition in this life and believing that they can turn the switch-on between me and my ultimate goals.

Pictures and Text © Imed Kolli / Algeria

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