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Chasing The Hatman | Richard Koci Hernandez

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Instagram: @koci

I went many years without asking a crucial question about my obsession with hats. 

I think I was afraid of the answer

I think I still am.  It's such a visceral attraction— one that often has me going to great lengths to capture the 'man' in the hat— that I've jumped into on-coming traffic and put myself in harm's way to get the shot.

“I knew it was something deep inside me. I avoided thing about the why for so long, but I've come to terms with the answer.”

First, it's not a fashion statement and it's not about the hats themselves, it about the man under the fedora.

It's really about looking for the father I never had.

I'm searching for my dad and in a twisted way a man in a hat is the ideal 1950's stereotype of a father figure. I keep coming back to the streets, searching, searching searching...

Pictures and Text © Richard Koci Hernandez / USA

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