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About Us

Hi There!

Since our foundation in 2016, our sole purpose has been to enhance and save from the oblivion of the social networks the work of many authors, through the publication of individual galleries.

Every year some hundreds of billions of images are published and shared on the web, most of which shot and retouched with smartphones. A revolution is trying to break down the traditional rules of photography.

We decided to be part of this great revolution, to enhance the best contents and authors that are published every day on Instagram. But every day thousands of images literally bury those of the day before, or the hour before. All this production and this artistic effort, individual and collective, will inevitably be lost.

And what would be happen to all these pictures, shared by people for months and years, if a major black out should occur? Everything would inevitably be lost.

We enhance part of these contents, giving visibility to images and talented authors, through the publication of books, editorial collections, the realization of projects and photographic exhibitions, the establishment of competitions and prizes.

In these years we have built around us a community of thousands Instagramers from all over the world, that follows us passionately and that, in one way or another, we have involved in  many of our activities. We will continue to give value to the work of authors deserving not to go unnoticed and not to be forgotten.

People's stories are a great source of richness and inspiration. We search and publish stories and themes from our contemporary society, stories seen through the eyes of the protagonists.


Our interest is for a photography that tells stories with a personal approach, with creativity, with a sense of research and curiosity.


We believe in good ideas!

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